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Stewardship, Tuition, and Development

Providing our children with a high quality, faith-filled education is an effort that requires financial support.  The annual operating costs of the school are funded through:

  • Tuition payments of Non-Catholic students

  • Stewardship offerings

  • Parish Investment and Commitments

  • Foundation Investment and Commitments

  • Home & School Investments and Commitments

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"In support of our baptismal call to be stewards of our God-given gifts, the Diocese of Jefferson City embraces the Catholic stewardship way of life.  Our diocese has a rich history in stewardship; our strong Catholic school system is one measure of the blessings from a stewardship mindset.  As we move more deeply into the stewardship way of life, this manner of living our faith changes the way families, parishes, and the diocese financially support the mission of our Church." -Taken from The Diocese of Jefferson City's website


Tuition Payments

St. Joseph Catholic School operates under the auspices of the Diocese of Jefferson City, which is a Stewardship Diocese.  A Stewardship Diocese does not require Catholic families to pay tuition to send their children to Catholic schools. 


However, it is an expectation of ALL parish families to invest in their children's education through tithing.  The parish relies on the generosity of school families, as well as all parishioners, to make this investment.  Parish families have multiple options to fund their stewardship: monthly donations directly to the church, or weekly donations in the Sunday collection basket.  

In order for non-Catholic students to enroll in St. Joseph Catholic, students are required to pay tuition. 

Tuition Schedule for Non-Catholic Students:

Grade K-8, 1 child---------------------------------------$2,700/year

Grade K-8, 2 children-----------------------------------$5,400/year 

Grade K-8, 3+ children---------------------------------$5,400/year (For this school year, tuition will still cap at 2 students)

Payment options are:

  • Payment in Full (due August 16)

  • Two payments (August and December)

  • Four payments (August, November, February, and April)

  • Ten payments (monthly from August to May)

Registration Fees for ALL students (Catholic and Non-Catholic)

All students, Catholic or Non, pay a non-refundable registration fee of $275.00.

Registration Fee Schedule for ALL students (Catholic and Non-Catholic):

Grade PK-8, 1 child--------------------------------------$275.00/year

Grade PK-8, 2 children----------------------------------$550.00/year

Grade PK-8, 3 children----------------------------------$825.00/year

Grade PK-8, 4+ children--------------------------------$1,100.00/year (registration 

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