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Purpose: Advise the Pastor and Principal on school operations. 

  • To be on the Council, you either need to be a parent of a St. Joseph Catholic School student, OR be an active registered parishioner of St. Joseph Catholic Church. 

    • One member of the Council may be a non-Catholic parent. ​

  • You must be a practicing Catholic, an active member of St. Joseph Parish, and 18 years of age or older. 

  • School Advisory Council meets on a bi-monthly basis. 

  • Meetings are at 7:00pm in the school's multipurpose classroom.

  • The term is 3 years. 

Click here to see current Advisory Council members. 

St. Joseph School Advisory Council: 

Seeking to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the School Advisory Council is a consultative body that provides direction and advice to school administration and the Pastor regarding issues that affect the school.  It is made up of the Pastor and Principal, plus members who serve three-year terms.  The Advisory Council oversees several sub-committees.   


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