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Advisory Council Sub-Committees:
These are committees that Advisory Council Members serve on to oversee important aspects of St. Joseph Catholic School. 

Marketing and Communications: 

The Marketing and Communications Committee positively promotes St. Joseph School and seeks to: enhance communications internally and externally; grow the student population and retain current students/families through recruitment and retention efforts; promote fundraising initiatives that support the financial well-being of the school; build and maintain Alumni relations focused on community and creating a lasting legacy. 


The Finance Committee's primary responsibilities include developing, executing, and monitoring an appropriate financial strategy for the school in concert with the Pastor, Principal, and Parish Council.  



The Technology Committee researches and makes recommendations on issues regarding technology infrastructure at the school as well as hardware and software solutions for school staff and the classroom. 


Religious Identity: 

The Religious Identity Committee is responsible for helping our students and families understand and practice our faith in various religious and social ways.  The Committee's mission is to help all of our families practice our religion on a daily basis through our service and actions. 


Campus Improvement: 

The Campus Improvement Committee works to assist the Parish and School staff in identifying physical needs of the campus and buildings.  Campus Improvement reviews and recommends projects relating to the safety, efficiency, and aesthetics.  Short and long-term capital planning for the campus are addressed by this committee. 

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