Play Like A Champion

All athletic programs offered through Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Jefferson City will participate in the Play Like a Champion Today program.

The Play Like a Champion Today program is an initiative of the University of Notre Dame focused on promoting a positive sports culture for all young people. To view the program's website please visit

The program focuses on:

1. Athletics as ministry to children and families.

2. Building teams as moral communities.

3. Promoting moral growth and gospel-oriented character development on and off the field.

4. Spiritual development linking play to prayer.

All coaches and assistant coaches, whether paid or volunteer, in programs sponsored by Catholic Schools will participate in at least one Play Like a Champion Today coaches workshop. Coaches will also need to actively promote the values and philosophy of the program through their coaching.

Physical education teachers in Catholic Schools will participate in the Play Like a Champion Today coaches workshop in order to foster the same values and philosophy in their teaching.

At least one parent of any student who wishes to participate in any athletic team will participate in a one-time parent training session prior to their child being allowed to participate in athletics programs. Parents will be required to participate in training only once.

Principals of each Catholic School that offers athletic programs will be responsible for overseeing the Play Like a Champion Today program, assuring that all coaches, physical education teachers and parents take part in the required training programs.

Please check the school newsletter/calendar for Play Like a Champion parent meeting dates and times.

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