Help St. Joseph Catholic School with Scrip Fundraising

St. Joseph Catholic School utilizes Scrip Fundraising. How it works: you purchase a gift card through the Scrip Program from a multitude of eligible retailers at face value and St. Joseph Catholic School receives a % of the face value (from 3% - 20%)!

The holidays will be here before you know it and if you plan on giving gift cards, please consider ordering them from St. Joseph Catholic School. It is easy and the office at St. Joe has a list of all the gift cards available.

Order them from Mrs. Henke and it takes less than a week to get them back. AND St. Joseph Catholic gets a kickback percentage from the participating businesses. It doesn't cost you a dime extra and makes a nice little profit for our school.

Orders put in by the end of the school day on Monday are typically here by Friday of the same week. There are many gift cards available from national chains but also there are some local businesses who participate, as well.

There are hundreds of different card options available for purchase. (Walmart, Target, JCPenney, Lowes, Amazon, iTunes, Sinclair, Texas Roadhouse… just to name a few.) A list of available cards and an order form can be found in the Quick Links section of the home page. The list is also online at , under Retailer List at the bottom of the page.

Please send orders and payment to the office on Mondays.

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