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Lisa Stundebeck, Teacher

St. Joseph’s school is not only a place where kids work hard and gain knowledge, but it’s also a place where they learn about being a special part of God’s family. This school models love and kindness while encouraging students to share their gifts and talents with others.


Jacob White, Student

I think this school is great because I have great friends and the teachers make learning fun! I also like our school because it is a good environment to learn about God in. I'm sad that I only have 2 more years in this school and I am  not looking forward to the day I will have to leave this school.


Brooks Nanneman, Student

St. Joseph School is a great school with great classmates and teachers. I am a 6th grade student and I have learned a lot from this school. We are challenged and we feel prepared to go on to high school.

7th Grade.jpeg

Isabelle Hartmann, Student

What I like most about St. Joe School is the teachers are amazing and they teach me how to be a good Catholic. I also love this school because of all the fun activities, and things we get to do here at school.


Lauren Boss, Parent

St. Joseph is an amazing school environment for a child. Every teacher that my children have had so far have contributed a different part in their educational journey. They have been in constant contact with us about their needs in the classroom, their improvement, things they need to work on, their accomplishments, everything. They are there to root for them and be their biggest cheerleaders! Not only teachers, but EVERY staff member your children will come in contact with are caring and wonderful, from Mrs. Debby, aides, cooks, janitorial staff, absolutely everyone. As for Kelsey Emmerich, I can't say enough about her as a principal. If you have concerns, she is there to listen and be there. She is there to support your children in any way she can. We couldn't be happier with our choice to send our children to St. Joseph!


Leslie Strodtman,
Former Student

Our teachers are always trying to turn an ordinary school day into something we can look forward to. They show how they care about us in the little ways that make a big difference.


Aiden Sorensen,
Former Student

Here at St. Joe, the teachers go above and beyond to ensure that we receive a quality education and go out of their way to make every day memorable. The St. Joe learning environment is like nothing I've ever experienced and the people actually care about one another. I'm glad that I can say that I attend St. Joe.


Karlie Schiltz,
Former Student

I have gone to St. Joe since I was five years old, now I'm fourteen. This school has never failed to spread the word of God and teach us in the most interesting ways possible. Even though my class is small I have made many friends and memories I will never forget. The St. Joe staff has always been there for me and my sisters. I am glad to know next year when I start high school, although I will miss St. Joe, I will be well prepared. I will never forget the friends and memories I have made at this school.


Grant Morrison,
Former Student

St. Joe has given me a solid foundation.  I know my teachers work hard and care for us, and they've given us a good education.  I know I have a strong faith background and feel prepared to go into High School and put what I've learned to use.

They also let us have a lot of fun while we were in school! 

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