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Our Academics

Opportunity.  Achieve.  Lead. 

We pride ourselves in providing students a challenging academic education while building their love of God and commitment to improving the world.  We educate the whole student--mind, body, and spirit--and encourage each child to become the steward God calls him or her to be.  Ultimately, our goal is to prepare children for academic and personal success in a faith-filled, nurturing environment. 


Our curriculum follows the National and Diocese of Jefferson City Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.  We seek to educate the whole child by providing an excellent education rooted in Catholic values. 

St. Joseph Catholic School utilizes these National Catholic School Standards as a way to measure progress to help prepare students for future success in high school and college, and for career readiness.  This gives our students a strong academic program rooted in Catholic faith. 

Our students are assessed through the Diocese of Jefferson City Curriculum Assessments and the yearly standardized Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.  Recent Iowa Test results indicated that St. Joseph School, on average, scored above the national above scores. 

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