To enter kindergarten, a child must be five years of age before August 1st. A child must be six years of age before August 1st to enter first grade. For other grades, the child’s placement will be based on academic records received and additional screening, if warranted. A birth certificate must verify the meeting of general entrance dates. No student will be allowed to attend school if he/she has not met the state’s immunization requirements, unless properly exempted. Complete records must be on file in the office before a child is admitted to school.
Catholic parents have the responsibility to meet the norms of the church for Mass attendance, reception of the sacraments, and financial support. In the absence of commitment to this standard, parents may be required to pay tuition as do non-Catholic families, or be refused the privilege of enrollment.
Non-Catholic families are enrolled with the approval of the pastor and /or principal of the school, with the understanding that tuition fees will be paid.

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