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Why Choose a Catholic School?

“Community is at the heart of all Catholic education, not simply as a concept to be taught, but as a reality to be lived. … Your students will learn to appreciate the value of community as they experience love, trust, and loyalty in your schools and educational programs, and as they learn to treat all persons as brothers and sisters created by God and redeemed by Christ.”— Pope John Paul II in a speech to elementary, secondary, and religious education leaders in New Orleans, LA., on Sept. 12, 1987

“­The education of children and young people is such an important task in forming them as free and responsible human beings. It affirms their dignity as an inalienable gift that flows from our original creation as children made in the image and likeness of God. And because education truly forms human beings, it is especially the duty and responsibility of the Church, who is called to serve mankind from the heart of God and in such a way that no other institution can.” – Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis)

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As a parent, deciding where your child will be educated is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Doing your due dilligence to determine the best fit for your child is to be commended!  Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider a Catholic school:

A choice for education and values:

By considering a Catholic school for your child, you are making two very positive statements about yourself and your attitude toward education:

1) You are saying education is very important to you and your child.  It is so important, you are willing to pay for quality instruction.

2) You are saying you want a school that will educate your child as a person, not just their intellect.  You are choosing an environment that emphasizes Christian values; an atmosphere that fosters responsibility and requires courtesy.  Catholic schools were once considered only for Catholic students.  Now, however, Catholic schools welcome all students who want an academically challenging education in an environment of empathy, trust, and loyalty.

A choice for the future:

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress Test, students in a Catholic school do better academically than their peers in public schools, are less likely to drop out, and are more likely to go to college.  In choosing a Catholic school you can be assured that your child will receive a strong academic education in an environment structured to provide lasting value. 

Choice for education:

Families in a Catholic school are there because they choose to be there, which makes all the difference.  Bound by common goals and aspirations, students find an atmosphere where academic achievement is valued, and doesn't conflict with social acceptance.  While intellectual curiosity can't be "taught," it can be "caught."  Your child's individual interests can be encouraged and rewarded, laying the foundation for a lifetime of achievement. 

Your child is in a structured environment:

Self-discipline, responsibility, and self-motivation are among the benefits of an environment that is both nurturing and structured.  A Catholic school is able to provide a disciplined environment because it has control over who is admitted, who stays, and how students are expected to behave.  Teaching the "whole" child is a priority, and lessons in empathy, respect, and responsibility will be part of your child's daily life. 

Catholic school teachers are committed:

Catholic schools attract teachers who look upon education as a vocation.  The majority of teachers are Catholic and highly committed to developing both the spirit and the intellect of their students.  They are chosen for their abilities to serve as role models, as well as for their teaching skills.  Teachers are selected for their knowledge of a subject and their ability to teach it, rather than for the kind of degree they possess.  Performance is the key. 

Catholic schools are accountable:

Your Catholic school is directly accountable to the families it serves.  Parents select the school, and keep their children there, on the basis of results: the solid academic preparation and personal growth they see occurring in their children.  Performance is what builds and maintains your Catholic school's reputation in the community. 

Catholic schools are responsive:

Part of accountability is being responsive to the changing needs of students and the changing requirements of the "real world."  Your Catholic school responds to your needs as a parent by supplying services to make your life a little less complicated.  When choosing your Catholic school, look for the services that are appropriate for your family and your circumstances.

Your participation is important:

Your Catholic school welcomes and expects parental involvement.  You will be asked to oversee your child's study time and to regularly review their homework.  You will participate in the social life of the school and help the school advance.  When you enroll your child in a Catholic school, you too join the school family and are a part of your child's life and development. 


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